Power Engineering Services

  • Distribution design – LV & MV Overhead & Underground
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial distribution design
  • As-built drafting
  • Engineering consultation
  • Transmission design
  • Surveying
  • NER Engineer review
  • Public lighting design
  • AS 3000 lighting design
  • Construction tolerance checking

Our Industries

  • Power Utilities
  • Water utilities
  • Mining Industry
  • Land Development
  • Local Government
  • Renewable Energy

Western Power Professional Engineering Panel

RASP Australia, a tier 1 vendor on the Western Power Engineering panel. We specialise in delivering a high-quality design services for the South West Interconnected System, including:

  • Distribution Design Services: Tailored to meet stakeholder requirements.
  • Liaison Services: Coordination with local government authorities and third-party asset owners.
  • LV Network Design and Optimization: Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of low voltage networks.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Proactively involving all relevant parties to ensure project success.
  • EPR Hazard Assessment: Evaluating hazards on third-party assets.
  • Detailed Earthing Design: Ensuring safe and effective earthing solutions.

Explore our services and discover how RASP Australia can meet your Electrical Engineering needs with excellence and precision.

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